Leasa Berg

Stylist & Owner

To be a part of an industry that changes and grows faster than any other is incredible! Our Salon is extremely is exceptionally friendly with a real family feel. Our education is second to none by World Class Educators. We have seen a lot of growth & changes within LRS over the past 23 years and we do not intend to slow down anytime soon!

Trista Miles

general Manager, Stylist 21 years’ experience

I grew up in this Salon and now I'm working with three generations of Hairstylists. I love everything about this industry from doing hair to managing. I find it very rewarding when I can make someone's day with a great haircut or color. It makes it very easy to love coming to work when I get to interact with such amazing clients and team members everyday!

Ashleigh Hackett

education director - Stylist 15+ years’ experience

My favourite thing about being a hairstylist is how fulfilling it is to make people look and feel beautiful everyday. I love that we are constantly learning and that education is so important to our team. It allows me to put my creative skills to work! I couldn't imagine not doing what I do. I'm truly blessed to have an amazing clientele and a great group of girls to work with. I'm in love with what I do! 

Brittney Reid

Stylist 12+ years’ experience

I love coming to work everyday and working with such talented people! They make everyday exciting and worth waking up for. I'm in love with my career and I think it's the greatest feeling making people feel better about themselves simply doing their hair... Well, and being a psychologist.

Diane Lewald

Stylist 38+ years’ experience

I've always known my career would be hairstyling! From a young age with my Barbie’s to real people later on, hair has always fascinated me!!! I feel blessed to be in an industry that is creative and highly gratifying! I belong to an amazing team with Leasa Renae Salons that is inspirational and always moving forward! Watching the big smile on my clients face as I finish their hair is worth everything to me! I love what I do ❣

Paula Khalaf

Stylist 35+ years’ experience

I've been a stylist for 32 years and I still wake up everyday like it's my first day at my job. I love it so much. Leasa makes my job easier and I love working for her. Her passion and love for the industry inspires us to be the best we can be.

Nail Technicians

Laura Soby-Nicholls

Nail Technician 20+ years’ experience

The ladies of Leasa Renae Salons are truly a team and a family. Every day I watch them work together to create the very best, most current, trend setting looks possible. The support and love goes both ways, they are all so encouraging and helpful when it comes to creating my best work as well. I truly feel blessed to have found a career that I love even after over 20+ years in the industry and at a salon that encourages me to learn and grow every single day.

Arleta Piegza 

Nail Technician 20+ years’ experience

I love creating beautiful gel nails for my clients. I love my profession and being a part of such a great team of professionals at Leasa Renae Salons.

Support Team

Shirley Leschuck

Assistant/ Product Manager 40+ years’ experience

I enjoy getting up to go to work every day. I love the salon and all the girls I work with.

Laura Loeppky

Customer Care Professional- salon director 5+ years

I enjoy customer care at Leasa Renae Salons. I love hearing about the vacations people have been on or are going on, the proud stories that parents and grandparents share, and the family atmosphere of the Salon. That’s truly what LRS is, a family. I’ve never worked with a more amazing group of women who support each other personally and professionally. I am proud to be a team member of Leasa Renae Salons.